Industrial design consulting services, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Does your business needs a hand
to direct a project
or determine its viability?

Katmek Design can help your team
to get off to the right start.

At any phase within the creative process
define context / recognizing strengths and weaknesses /
idea generation / feasibility studies / timelines / risk evaluation /




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Has your business decided to go ahead
with a project but wants to make sure
it progresses well?

Katmek Design can help guide your team to monitor the steps
to reach your goals.

At any phase within the creative process
optimization of resources / process guidance / strategy adjustments / timeline management / etc.




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Does your business require additional expertise to manage a portion of the project outside
of its own structure to strengthen the chance
of its success?

Katmek Design can take charge and coordinate the missing elements
while working within your team’s structure.

At any phase within the creative process
research / concept investigation / design / development / prototyping / validation / choice of materials / sourcing / manufacturing / etc.




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Do you have an idea
but don’t have the team
or the expertise to realize it?

Katmek Design can take charge of all aspects of the project details
and bring the vision to life.

At any phase within the creative process
From taking your idea and realizing it all the way
to providing manufacturing support.









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