ALL Daniel Chartrand
EXCEPT: Baseball X1 and football X2 helmets – Xenith LLC
Artica snowshoe – Easton Mountain Products
Synergy and Z-Air skates, Z-Air shinguard, Zero-Shock glove- Easton Sports
Vapor equipment, HH5000 and HH1000 helmets, Flak shinguard – Bauer
Hockey players in action, articles, reviews, comments are from- snap shots taken on the web.
Please let us know if this causes you any prejudice, thanks.



DESIGN: Daniel Chartrand
COLLABORATION: Baseball X1 and football X2 helmets, Artica snowshoe, Synergy skate – Bernard Daoust
Artica snowshoe, Synergy skate, Zero-Shock glove – Éric Dufour
Z-Air skate, Zero-Shock glove, Vapor equipment – Claude Sauriol
Z-Air skate – Michel Laferrière
Flak shinguard- Rodrigue McDuff
HH5000 and HH1000 helmets- Conrad Payeur